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How New York Tickets Impact Out of State Drivers

If you ignore a New York ticket, the consequences can haunt you wherever you live.   There are two serious consequences a New York ticket can have on an out of state driver.

Your privilege to drive will be suspended if you fail to answer New York tickets.  Any New York suspension will be recorded on the National Driver Register.   The state in which you are licensed will access this information.  Your home state can prohibit you from renewing your license, suspend your driving privileges and prevent you from getting a license in another state.

There is no statute of limitations on traffic violations.   You can be prosecuted and suspended for long forgotten old tickets.   The law required that you update your address with the court your tickets are pending in and the with New York State Department of Motor Vehicles.  If you didn’t receive the notification because you didn’t keep your address current you are subject to the suspension of your driving privileges for failing to answer ticket, failing to pay fines and/or default conviction.

If your driving privileges are suspended for failing to answer tickets in the Nassau County Traffic & Parking Violations Agency or Nassau County District Court in Hempstead, New York or other Long Island Courts, call the law offices of Jeanne Marie Beckmann, PC at 516 485 4888 to find out how we can help you clear the suspension.

Nearly all states and the District of Columbia are parties to the Driver’s License Compact, Driver’s License Agreement and Non-Resident Violator Compact.   These agreements allow states to exchange all information concerning license suspension and traffic violations.

If you pay a New York ticket for a moving violation, the conviction and points will be reported to your home state.   Your home state may penalize you as if you were convicted of the same offense in your home state.  This can increase the cost of your auto insurance and have other negative consequences.  Seriously consider fighting your tickets to avoid increased insurance premiums and other adverse consequences.

Nearly all traffic courts will permit your attorney to proceed in court without you.   That means that attorney Jeanne Marie Beckmann can fight your tickets and save you the trip to the courthouse, in most cases.    Call with your suspension details for a free consultation at 516 485 4888.

Note that Commercial driver’s are held to a higher standard.   In addition to the National Driver Registry, suspension and conviction information for Commercial Drivers will be recorded on the Commercial Driver’s License Information System which all states are connected to.  As such, commercial drivers must contest all “serious” moving and “major” violations to avoid a suspension known as “disqualification”.

Your commercial driver’s license will be suspended if you are convicted of two “serious” traffic infractions within three years.  A “serious” traffic infraction is defined as speeding, following too closely, mobile phone and portable electronic device use, unsafe lane change, etc., while driving a commercial motor vehicle.  If you are convicted of a “major” violation, such as driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, leaving the scene of an accident, etc., you will be disqualified for one year for a first offense.