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Attorney Jeanne Marie Beckmann has had over 10,904 points dismissed because of legal defects that she successfully identified on tickets and supporting depositions. Dismissals after trial or as part of plea dispositions are NOT even included.


41 + MPH Over Limit11242
31-40 MPH Over Limit8656
21-30 MPH Over Limit62328
11-20 MPH Over Limit41124
0-10 MPH Over Limit399
Unreasonable/Impeding Speed3504
 Other ViolationsPointsDismissals
 Reckless Driving 5 35
 Passed Stopped School Bus595
 Following Too Closely/Tailgating4500
 Impeding Traffic333
 Passed Red Light/Stop Sign/On Right3963
 Unsafe Lane Change/Passing/Cross Markings32100
 Leaving Scene of Accident324
 Failed to Yield/Wrong Way3105
 Railroad Crossing Violations312
 Unrestrained Child327
 Driving On Shoulder/Over Divider/Hwy Exit232
 Failed To Obey Traffic Control Device/HOV0-2598
Unauthorized Use/Advertising222
Improper/No Signal/Turn/Dim2598
Unsafe Passing/Backing/Start250
Obstructing Railroad Crossing/Intersection26
 Cell Phone/Electronic Device0-5 751

Guilty Pleas/Convictions Vacated

Were you found guilty because you failed to appear on your trial date? Did you plead guilty to a ticket without fully understanding the severity of the consequences? Would you like to remove a conviction from your driving record and undo the consequences? Call (516) 485-4888 to find out if attorney Jeanne Marie Beckmann can assist you in removing the conviction from your driving record. She has vacated over 400 convictions or guilty pleas. The following is a list of 496 convictions that were vacated for other drivers.

 Convictions Vacated
 Failed To Obey Traffic Control Device/Signal76
 Passed Stop Sign24
 Passed Red Light8
 Reckless Driving1
 Aggravated Unlicensed Operation1
 Unsafe Lane Change/Cross Haz Markings52
 Driving on the Shoulder1
 Driver’s License Violations20
Operating Out of Restriction1
 Following Too Closely6
No Child Safety Restraint3
 Uninspected, Unregistered, Plate Violations40
 Failure to Dim2
Insufficient Room Passed Vehicle  4
Mobile Phone/Portable Electronic Device17
Failed to Yield6
Suspended Registration2

Trucking Judgments Vacated in 2015: $5,200