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[This isn't my first experience with this lawyer, and once again, she has proven to be incredibly helpful. In all my encounters, she has either successfully had my tickets dismissed or negotiated fines without any points on my record. Her consistent track record of achieving favorable outcomes speaks volumes about her expertise and dedication to her clients. I highly recommend her services to anyone seeking legal assistance with traffic violations.] - Tasal - Avvo March 2024

[Jeanne Marie's office was great to work with, very responsive and helpful! She clearly understands the system VERY well and was able to get the tickets dismissed in such a timely manner. We would absolutely recommend her to all family and friends.] - Rebecca - Yelp February 2024

[Jeanne is professional, an expert, courteous, responsive. She has won multiple cases for me and my family and we wholeheartedly recommend her.] - Jonathan - Yelp December 2023

[I received 4 tint tickets and completely forgot about them, I later got a notice for failure to appear in court and a charge of almost $1300, they also tried to suspend my license for this. I was referred by a family member to contact Jeanne. We spoke on the phone and emailed back and forth, she was very helpful and quick to answer any questions or concerns I had. She went to my next court date and got all 4 of my tickets dismissed and saved my license/registration from being suspended. I couldn't be more grateful and appreciative, I will be contacting her again in the future if needed. She made my life easier by saving me from those excessive payments. 10/10 would recommend reaching out to her if you need an amazing traffic lawyer!!] - Grace - Yelp December 2023

[Ms. Beckmann is an amazing attorney. I would highly recommend her to anyone. She takes the time and effort to explain all options which is refreshing. I am so grateful for her perseverance in handling my case.] - Annie - Avvo December 2023

[Ms. Beckmann is an amazing attorney. An attorney that actually has a client's best interest at heart. I am so grateful to have found her!] - Anonymous - Avvo December 2023

[Jeanne Marie has helped me as well as the company I work for, numerous times throughout the years. She is incredibly professional, thorough, friendly and beyond helpful! Jeanne Marie is amazing at what she does and I would highly recommend her!] - Nicole - Avvo December 2023

[Jeanne is clearly amazing at what she does and very kind. If you are looking for a traffic lawyer in Nassau county, you should definitely reach out to her.] - Eric C. - Google August 2023

[Ms. Beckmann was very understanding and responsive in handling my situation. I was dealing with other serious factors with the tickets issued. She kept me timely updated on my case and delivered excellent results. A really outstanding attorney who gives her best efforts for her clients.] - Anonymous - Google June 2023

[Haven't had a ticket in a while..I've been staying out of trouble. However, I miss seeing Jeanne! She is absolutely amazing. She has helped me, my family, and friends many times. HIGHLY Recommend Jeanne!] - Christopher - Google June 2023

[Excellent law services after a very traumatic traffic stop for which I absorbed 11 heavy fines. I did not know what to do. If it wasn't for a recommendation from a friend, I would be dealing with it myself. I highly recommend Ms. Beckmann's services without reservation.] - Amit - Lawyers May 2023

[She was very knowledgeable and kept in contact during the whole process & I would definitely recommend her.] - Anonymous - Avvo May 2023

[Attorney Beckmann helped us completely dismiss 3 traffic tickets. From the time I first contacted her office, I have only good things to say about the attorney and her staff. I received fast responses and great quality service. I contacted many attorneys prior to engaging Ms. Beckmann’s services but she was the best in the way she communicated. She was knowledgeable and wanted to help to resolve the matter. I’m happy we hired Ms. Beckmann. I highly recommend her to others!] - Ekaterina - Avvo May 2023

[Jeanne Marie Beckmann was exceptional. Her knowledge, kindness, and prompt professionalism was so refreshing. I would highly recommend her for all traffic needs.] - Linda - Avvo April 2023

[Jeanne Marie Beckmann is the best traffic lawyer. I highly recommend her because she always gets a great result!] - Jon-Paul - Avvo March 2023

[Stop sign ticket dismissed! I called Jeanne Marie Beckmann based on a Facebook friend's recommendation. She explained the process and the timeline and called with the great news. I highly recommend her. I had a great experience.] - Denise - Avvo March 2023

She treated me not like a client but as a family member it felt as if I was being helped by my favorite celebrity she made sure we got the job done and I highly recommend her.] - Caliph - Avvo March 2023

[Jeanne was a pleasure to work with; she was very personable and communicative. Jeanne was able to take care of my mom's case effectively. Please do not hesitate to ask for help; you will not be disappointed.] - Harman - Avvo February 2023

[All tickets dismissed! You got tickets, she got the answers. This is the person to call. I was lucky to find her. Saved me $$$$$$ plus tons of points. THANK YOU!!!] - Tom - Avvo February 2023

[The office of Jeanne M Beckmann handled my husbands speeding ticket in the most efficient and professional manner. She even called us back on Christmas Eve. She got the case dismissed. I would highly recommend her for a stress free resolution.] - Alexander - Avvo January 2023

[Received 5 tickets and 4/4 TICKETS that Jeanne tried for were DISMISSED! 1 ticket was reduced to a non moving violation with no points and fine only. Received tickets totaling 18 points, one of which was for speeding. Jeanne is clearly amazing at what she does and very kind. If you are looking for a traffic lawyer in Nassau County, you should definitely reach out to her.] - Eric - Google January 2023

[I recommend everybody who has gotten a ticket whether it's civil or criminal to hire Jeanne Marie Beckmann. I had been in legal trouble where I could have lost my licenses to drive but she significantly got the court to reduce the points and also even had a ticket dismissed where I got no points and no fine. If you hire her you will get a lawyer who will try her best always and she's already an excellent lawyer to begin with.] - Vasilis - Avvo December 2022 

[I just want to start by saying this was my first time hiring a lawyer. Since the first phone call things went so smoothly and the office was so professional. It was an easy process, I sent my paperwork over the phone and there are options to how you want to pay. I chose to go in office and her secretary was lovely. Ms. Beckmann was just coming in from court but she stopped by me just to see if I had any questions and I really appreciated that. The office always kept me updated in a timely manner. Experience was great. I would recommend her services to anyone in need. - My boyfriend recommended her services to me being he used her services for the past couple of years and he too had a great experience and outcome each time! She's great at what she does.] - Magarica - Avvo December 2022 

[Most efficient and experienced attorney A++++++ She is the best example of HIGHEST LEVEL PROFESSIONAL!!!!!!!] - Anonymous - Avvo December 2022

[Twice in the last 13 years, I have received speeding tickets. Both tickets were severe enough to have me wonder how I would be able to pay my insurance, pay for the cost of the ticket and worry about my driving record. Twice Ms. Beckmann has had those tickets dismissed. She is straightforward, knowledgeable and excited to help in the most hopeless situation. I am forever grateful for her service to me.] - Shannon - Avvo November 2022

[Ms. Beckmann is an amazing lawyer. Got both of my traffic incidents situated and I didn't need to do anything. She took care of it all. Thank you again!] - Ryan - Google October 2022

[She is simply the best! When I received a 6-point violation, I panicked in search of a representative; that's when I stumbled upon Jeanne's website and saw all of the positive reviews. On our call she was kind, upfront, and honest about her process as well as the possible outcomes of the case. A couple weeks later, I received great news that the case had been dismissed. Her fees are beyond reasonable, there is no need to look any further than her.] - Robert - Google October 2022

[Jeanne Marie Beckmann is an amazing lawyer. She is very informative & always found the time to respond to my boyfriend’s concerns regarding the case. Her services have exceeded our expectations & I can’t thank her enough. 6/9 tickets were dismissed. 3 were brought down to fines. It was 13 points altogether & she brought it down to 0 points. Highly recommend!!!] - Ev - Google - October 2022

[I’m very pleased with the work of Jeanne Marie Beckmann! I was facing 4 points and almost $600 fine for driving a commercial vehicle on a parkway. I don't know how, but she managed to get these tickets dismissed in a court. I am very grateful for the work done and the unexpected positive result on my case. I highly recommend Jeanne Marie Beckmann! She is professional and knows what she is doing!] - Andrei - Avvo October 2022

[I called with four traffic violations from a maneuver in Nassau County, NY. Jeanne Marie consulted with me personally on the phone regarding the possible outcomes and gave a recommendation. We followed her recommendation and there were very favorable outcomes. I would not have been able to achieve the same results on my own. Further she saved me a lot of time as I did not need to show up to court. Don’t think twice. Hire Jeanne Marie Beckmann.] - Anonymous - Avvo September 2022

[Jeanne Beckmann is truly one of the best attorneys in her field and I recommend her highly.] - Erica - Avvo August 2022

[I got stopped by a trooper, the tickets he dished out resulted in 11 points....basically a suspended license. At that point, I needed a lawyer to fight what I could not. I stumbled upon the law office of Jeanne. BEST decision ever made... she made 11 points disappear like it was magic. Jeanne is amazing at what she does! Very knowledgeable and responsive. She put my mind at ease and took on all the stress of my past tickets, which were all wins. No crazy court fees, or increase to insurance. Give her a call immediately. Jeanne's services are very affordable, she makes the process as painless as possible.] - Moe - Avvo July 2022

[Hiring Jeanne for my traffic ticket was the best decision I made. She was thorough, informative and always responded to my questions quickly. You will not be disappointed with her services.] - Christopher - Avvo July 2022

Attorney Testimonials

[There is no better (attorney) for traffic violations in downstate New York. JMB understands the court systems, the court personnel and the law. I have used and referred people to her for years and have never been  (disappointed) by the outcome.] Jay Yelp October 2017

“I am an attorney with a teen-aged son who got a bunch of tickets. He did the research, hired Ms. Beckman and got an outstanding result. All tickets were dismissed – which means no points and his parents’ insurance did not go up! Highly recommended.” Joseph Avvo May 2015

“…For more than 10 years I have observed Jeanne get excellent results for her clients in Manhattan Criminal Court involving…trucking…   She is committed to getting the best results for her clients and I would recommend her without reservation.”  Attorney Manny Portela  Facebook April 2014

“Excellent Attorney”  Attorney Vincent Grande III  Facebook October 2013

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