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[I got stopped by a trooper, the tickets he dished out resulted in 11 points....basically a suspended license. At that point, I needed a lawyer to fight what I could not. I stumbled upon the law office of Jeanne. BEST decision ever made... she made 11 points disappear like it was magic. Jeanne is amazing at what she does! Very knowledgeable and responsive. She put my mind at ease and took on all the stress of my past tickets, which were all wins. No crazy court fees, or increase to insurance. Give her a call immediately. Jeanne's services are very affordable, she makes the process as painless as possible.] - Moe - Avvo July 2022

[Hiring Jeanne for my traffic ticket was the best decision I made. She was thorough, informative and always responded to my questions quickly. You will not be disappointed with her services.] - Christopher - Avvo July 2022

[Jeanne Marie Beckmann returned my call within minutes and continued keeping me informed! I had a 6 DMV point moving violation ticket that she got dismissed! For this ticket, there was no DMV points, no moving violation conviction, no fine and no increase in the cost of my insurance! Truly professional and amazing person!!] - Clare - Avvo June 2022

[Ms. Beckmann was a pleasure to work with. I had been dealing with another attorney who ghosted me  and left me in a bind. I checked out several reviews on different attorneys and was pleased with what I saw for Ms. Beckmann. I called immediately and was quickly put through to her. Within an hour she has a resolution for my ticket and suspension issue. She was very knowledgeable, efficient and professional. I appreciate her work on my behalf. I would recommend her to my friends in the NY area.] - Noemi - Avvo  May 2022

[Working with Mrs. Beckmann was extraordinary! Words can express my gratitude, Mrs. Beckmann took the time to listen to me, answered questions, found my records and solved my problems in a matter of days. I don’t know but this lawyer is an angel in disguise! To anyone looking for an honest, caring and dedicated lawyer with results, you found one on Mrs. Beckmann!] - Gloria - Lawyers April 2022

[I had received 2 tickets by a state trooper both holding points and needed professional assistance with fighting them. I did a yelp search and came across highly rated Jeanne Marie Beckmann P.C.
I reached out to her office and was able to speak with her in a timely fashion (within a few hours of my initial call). She explained the tickets and their values in detail and how she could best fighting them on my behalf. Based on her thorough information provided and stellar reviews there was not a doubt in my mind she was the right person to assist. She has stayed in touch with me from day 1 and post court date. Her fee is extremely reasonable and 1000% worth it. She was able to make a great plea deal for the tickets resulting in a fine only.  Of course everyone's situation is different, but there is no better person to tackle a traffic ticket for you! I will be sure to recommend her to anyone I know in need of assistance! Thank you so much Jeanne Marie!] - Samantha - Yelp April 2022

[She was very pleasant over the phone and I got the impression she was very good at what she does. I trusted my gut and she did an amazing job with my case. I Would highly recommend her. Very fair price and very responsive.]  - Stephen - Google April 2022

[I have been using Ms. Beckmann for 20 years. Her and her staff are punctual, courteous, and they get results. Prices are very reasonable. She is my go-to for any traffic violations!!] - Haja - Google March 2022

My wife and I were very concerned about our teenaged son's speeding ticket. He received a 6pt. violation. Jeanne and her staff were very professional understanding and put us at ease on our initial consultation. She gave us the facts and what we could expect. Very honest and confidently we retained her. Jeanne got the case dismissed. We were not only happy with the outcome but also in the caring way she communicated with us. We highly recommend Jeanne !!!] - Artie - Avvo March 2022

[So happy I picked Attorney Beckmann as my lawyer she did a great job representing me and exceeded my expectations thank you so much] - Robert - Avvo February 2022

[Hired Jeanne Marie for 2 tickets I got in Hempstead and I must say that the outcome was fantastic. I got 1 ticket for suspended registration and the other for unregistered vehicle. Jeanne Marie got one ticket dismissed and the other which was a misdemeanor reduced to a fire hydrant parking ticket, she even got my case on the calendar 2 weeks earlier than the scheduled date. I’m so happy to walk away with just a fine and 0 points on my license. Thank you Jeanne Marie Beckmann you’re the best!!!] - Jivon - Avvo February 2022

[Ms. Beckmann is amazing - I received a serious speeding ticket in Nassau county, and she was able to get the full ticket dropped. And not only this, she was by far the most affordable traffic lawyer that I could find. Seriously will recommend her to everyone I know!] - Anonymous - Avvo - January 2022

[Jeanne is a super lawyer. When she told me she would try to move for dismissal, I had a little doubt. She did get my ticket dismissed. Very professional with very reasonable fees. Highly recommend.] - Jeffrey - Avvo - December 2021

[Appreciate all the hard work you and your team did with my case. Had 2 huge tickets dismissed (speeding and stop sign) and was going to be a tough one to work through but with the help of her Well driven staff and well execution  from yourself, case got dismissed and the communication was always on point. I recommend you to everybody.] - Bryan - Avvo December 2021

Amazing, got 2 of my tickets dismissed. Helped me through a stressful time and make me very calm. - J.K. - Avvo November 2021

[Jeanne was a god sent. She got my ticket dismissed and I received no points or no fines. She saved me from a huge financial burden.] - Matthew - Avvo August 2021

[I cannot say enough about Ms. Beckmann. When I first read her reviews, I thought they were fake. It just seemed impossible. But our newly licensed teenage son was facing 2 tickets for one incident that would’ve amounted to 12 points and a suspended license. So, we were desperate. We were hoping she could get the points down for speeding alone - maybe 8 points. But I don’t know how she did it but got both tickets DISMISSED!. She was extremely responsive and informative throughout the entire process. I cannot thank her enough. What a gem! I hope we never are in this situation again. But if we are, I wouldn’t hesitate to make her my first call. I have shared her information with all my friends and family and frankly anyone who would listen. My insurance premium thanks you.] - Yorel - Google July 2021

[Smart, sharp and very skilled, trust worthy and calm, needed guidance and was very helpful and got the job done] - Melissa - Avvo July 2021

[She helped me get my case dismissed in court. She replies very promptly to emails and was great help to me. Overall, she was a wonderful lawyer.] - Anonymous - Avvo July 2021

[I received a speeding ticket from a state trooper in Nassau and I immediately called Jeanne Marie Beckmann as she was a referral from a close family friend. I signed the retainer and she got to work immediately. My ticket was dated for April but she was able to go into the courts way before that and get my ticket dismissed. Her work is incredible, I'm forever thankful for having Jeanne on my side. Thank you again!] - Matthugh - Avvo June 2021

[I had received a six point speeding ticket on Northern State Parkway. This was my first ever speeding ticket and I had immediately started panicking. After doing my research I came across Jeanne Marie Beckmann. I had called her right away for a consultation and she was very thorough about everything and the entire process. She was able to dismiss my six point ticket!! Thank you and your staff so much for your services. I will definitely be recommending her to my friends and family. Thank you once again.] - Dr. Tasnim Matin - Avvo June 2021

[I received a stop sign infraction ticket as well as did not have my proof of insurance in the car with me when getting pulled over. Jeanne made the process incredible quick and easy. She was also able help make sure the ticket was minimized and did not go on my record as well as help me through the process of getting my insurance proof to the court. Overall she was incredible helpful and guided me through the whole process step by step making my ticket much less stressful.] - Joe - Avvo May 2021

[Jeanne Marie Is the Lawyer to Hire. I was looking at a 6 point ticket with potentially high DMV fines, on top of the ticket cost and other costs or perhaps loss of my license. Jeanne after reviewing my paperwork saw a missing detail in my deposition said WE ARE GOING FOR DISMISSAL! We were granted the dismissal. Her cost is not high and more than worth it!!! Much less expensive than the first people I consulted with. Jeanne Marie Beckmann is sincere and professional I really can't say enough other than CALL HER AND HIRE HER!!!!] - Anonymous - Avvo April 2021

[I am so happy I chose Jeanne Marie Beckmann to represent my case. I received two speeding tickets (4 pts each)within 6-8 months and really COULD NOT use any more points on my license because I already had prior points. She was able to the first ticket dismissed with no points & no fines and the second ticket, I only had to pay a fine & didn't get any points! Definitely recommend!] - Cheyenne - Facebook February 2021

[Jeanne is on top of her game. Was able to have both of my tickets dismissed. No points. Highly recommend A+++] - Anonymous - Avvo December 2020

Attorney Testimonials

[There is no better (attorney) for traffic violations in downstate New York. JMB understands the court systems, the court personnel and the law. I have used and referred people to her for years and have never been  (disappointed) by the outcome.] Jay Yelp October 2017

“I am an attorney with a teen-aged son who got a bunch of tickets. He did the research, hired Ms. Beckman and got an outstanding result. All tickets were dismissed – which means no points and his parents’ insurance did not go up! Highly recommended.” Joseph Avvo May 2015

“…For more than 10 years I have observed Jeanne get excellent results for her clients in Manhattan Criminal Court involving…trucking…   She is committed to getting the best results for her clients and I would recommend her without reservation.”  Attorney Manny Portela  Facebook April 2014

“Excellent Attorney”  Attorney Vincent Grande III  Facebook October 2013

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