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[Jeanne is the best!! Don’t waste your time with other traffic violation lawyers!!! Working with Jeanne was a great experience, from our initial phone call I can see that I’m dealing with a professional person that knows what she’s doing! everything was organized and on time, I got 5 tickets, HOV lanes, unsafe lane changing on LIE Nassau County, etc and she managed to get 4 of them dismissed . . . I’d definitely recommend her to all of my family/friends! Thank you Jeanne so much!]  – Chadi – Yelp February 2020

[Fantastic – Extremely professional. Great service. Spoke with me right when I called and I knew right away I had confidence in her. Could not have asked for a better outcome. Best attorney on Long Island if you get a ticket!]  – Bayly – Avvo February 2020

[Jeanne is a super star. I had one ticket for 2 points that she got reduced to a parking ticket. I only had to pay the fine. I had a second ticket for 4 points and Jeanne got it dismissed. Choosing Jeanne was the best decision.]  – Anonymous – January 2020

[Jeanne had all six of my tickets (which carried up to 17 points) dismissed and her services were very effective, professional, & reasonable and If I am unfortunate enough to get pulled over again i wouldn’t think twice about using her again.]  – Manus – Yelp January 2020

[2 Traffic Tickets – Jeanne is a super star. I had one ticket for 2 points that she got reduced to a parking ticket. I only had to pay the fine. I had a second ticket for 4 points and Jeanne got it dismissed. Choosing Jeanne was the best decision.]  – Jimmy – Avvo January 2020

[6 out of 6 dismissed – I brought Jeanne 6 tickets (potential of 15 to 17 points) total I received on the LIE for various violations on my motorcycle and to my amazement she had all 6 dismissed and the icing on the cake is that her fee was very reasonable. I would have no hesitation in recommending Jeanne’s services. 2 thumbs way up.]  – Anonymous – Avvo January 2020

[Highly recommend this lawyer – Fantastic service. I emailed Jeanne my ticket a couple of days ago and she has it dismissed!! I didn’t expect it to be so quick. Best lawyer I’ve ever had!]  – Anonymous – Avvo January 2020

[Ms Beckmann’s expert knowledge of traffic violations, coupled with her prompt response each time that I contacted her, gave me tremendous confidence in her abilities to settle my case in the best possible manner. I was very pleased with the results and would highly recommend her.]  – Anonymous – December 2019

[If you get a traffic ticket, do yourself a favor and contact Jeanne Marie Beckmann as she makes a headache go away. I was given 4 tickets related to an HOV lane violation on the LIE. Jeanne gave me a free phone consultation where she evaluated my situation, gave me an understanding of violations received and informed me of the outcome she thought she could get and why. From that point on, I did not need to do a thing. Jeanne filed all paperwork with the court, made appearances on my behalf and got the absolutely best deal possible. Jeanne got 3 of 4 tickets dismissed and the remaining one reduced to a non-moving no-point violation. So not only were my fines reduced from paying 4 tickets down to 1 but my insurance rates will not go up. Could not be happier. . .]  – Anonymous – Martindale-Hubbell December 2019

[I retained Attorney Jeanne Beckmann to represent me for a speeding ticket. She was professional, efficient, organized and pleasant. The case was disposed of on the first appearance with a favorable outcome! I am extremely satisfied and would definitely recommend her to others.]  – India – Avvo December 2019

[Jeanne Beckmann is the best choice for your traffic ticket defense in Nassau County. A little over a year ago, I received multiple tickets. The potential points accompanying the tickets I had received in one police encounter would have been enough to suspend my license. . . Being a graduate student, I was worried about my license, insurance, and associated costs. A good friend of mine then referred me to Jeanne! She contacted me the same day, within an hour or so. She discussed the tickets and the potential points I was facing. Then she communicated there was a clear indication for overcharging a single HOV violation as multiple infractions. She had a majority of the tickets outright dismissed and then had the remaining tickets reduced to 0 points. All this for a reasonable flat-rate fee. Amazing! Jeanne, thank you kindly. You’re the best around! ]  – Anonymous – December 2019

[Resolved my HOV Case with NO Points. . . My 30 year driving record was clean with the exception of paid parking tickets, but I received 3 tickets – which would have been 6 points on my license. I contacted Jeanne and received a call right away. She explained how the courts work and the possible scenarios and I hired her that day. Jeanne pled my case which resulted in NO points on my license and a fine. I highly recommend her!]  – Suzanne – Avvo November 2019

[Great experience and amazing results, every case is different but here is my story. Got pulled over in Long Island, the police officer was happy to write me multiple different tickets on pretty much the same issue, I did my research and selected Jeanne Marie Beckmann based on her reviews, boy I was happy when ¾ of the tickets were dismissed and the remaining one was downgraded. Thank you very much for your help.]  – Val – Avvo October 2019

[I was visiting from a different state and received 2 tickets. I hired Jeanne right away and she was able to get both of my tickets dismissed with no points. I wouldn’t recommend a better lawyer.]  – Samantha – Yelp October 2019

[From the initial call to getting my ticket dismissed without a fine, this was by far the best experience that I’ve ever had with a lawyer. Mrs. Beckmann was prompt, efficient, professional and she gets results (and she was really nice too). Well worth the time and money working Mrs. Beckmann and her team. I highly recommend working with her! Thanks again!]  – Kevin – Avvo October 2019

[. . . The last person I called was Jeanne Marie Beckmann as she had great reviews on google. She was awesome. Her receptionist was friendly as well. The whole process was simple. I told her what happened, got an estimate/quote, I paid, got confirmation, recently just got a notice in the mail saying she was able to get the 2 POINTS down to 0 POINTS!!! I still have to pay the fine but I really don’t care about the fine aspect of the ticket. I would highly recommend giving Jeanne Marie Beckmann a call.]  – Jae – Google Maps September 2019

[Jeanne was able to resolve a ticket I received when I stupidly left my wallet at home and did not have my license on me. Within a day of reaching out to Jeanne and providing my license, Jeanne was able to resolve the issue with skill, compassion, and speed. I recommend her services to anyone with a traffic issue in Nassau or Suffolk County.]  – Lisa – Yelp September 2019

[My wedding day was only a few weeks away and I received a traffic ticket which would have cost me points on my license.  I was already stressed and this ticket only made things worse, especially noticing that the court date was fairly close to the wedding day!  Ms. Beckmann took my case and I put all of my trust in her hands, as I just had too much going on.  She assured me that I would not need to show up to court and to go have a great wedding and honeymoon. Well, the best wedding gift ever was waiting for me when I received a notice from Ms. Beckmann that the ticket was dismissed!  Thank you so much, Ms. Beckmann!  You are the best and made hubby and I soooo happy!  We highly recommend your services!]  – Maria – Yelp September 2019

[Ms. Beckmann far exceeded my wildest expectations. She managed to get all 3 HOV tickets dismissed, without a fine or points. I would highly recommend her with no reservations!]  – Chris – Avvo September 2019

[Jeanne is the very best in her field. She got my tickets dismissed with no points and fines, the best possible outcome a lawyer could achieve in any traffic violation cases. She is very professional, pleasant, efficient, and most importantly effective. She responded to my email on the same day . . . We spoke for 5 minutes the next day and I sent her copies of my tickets and supporting documents. She went to court for me and got my tickets dismissed. Total success!]  – Anonymous – Martindale-Hubble September 2019

[After finding Jeanne on google, I filled out a ‘contact me’ form late one night and received a call from her the next morning. We discussed the details of my ticket in full and she explained the likely outcomes. Yesterday, less than 2 months from when I reached out, I received a case dismissal letter. No fine, no points, NOTHING! I could not be more impressed with Jeanne and will recommend her to anyone in need of a traffic lawyer. I hope to never need her services again but if I do ever get another traffic ticket, Jeanne Marie Beckmann will be my first call.] Kayla – Yelp August 2019

[Mrs. Beckmann is a great lawyer, she is very understanding and responsive. She went out of her way to help me in my case when Nassau county sent me tickets i did not deserve. I will definitely recommend her services to anyone. Thank you so much!] Timur – Yelp August 2019

[Highly recommend !!!! You NEED to hire her!!! Got a seat belt ticket and driving while on electronic device. Both dismissed with a $140 fine No points either!!!! Thank you Jeanne Marie Beckmann!!!] Grace – Facebook August 2019

[… This was my first (and hopefully last) experience getting pulled over and I am floored by my experience with [Jeanne]. I thought that fighting this ticket would be a lengthy and time consuming battle. From [her] immediate contact and the time [she] took to walk me through everything and [her] caring tone and knowledge on the subject, [she] has made this one of the most pleasurable experiences (shockingly!) that I have ever had…] Kayla – Email August 2019

[Jeanne was incredible. She was super friendly and informative on the phone, and got 2 bogus tickets totaling $850/5 points dismissed outright. I didn’t even have to show up to court. I cannot recommend her enough!] Aaron – Facebook July 2019

[Jeanne Marie Beckmann provided beyond outstanding service with a seamless process and outstanding result. I highly recommend the Law office of Jeanne Marie Beckmann.] Margaret – Facebook July 2019

[Highly recommend Ms.Beckmann to anyone. Ms. Beckmann is extremely professional and she won my case without any points taken off with a small fine settlement (originally 6 HOV violation ticket with total 16 Dmv points). I’m glad found her.] Claire – Yelp July 2019

[Amazing Representation. . . Phenomenal Service. Great communication! Jeanne Beckmann and her office, was able to work beyond my expectations and delivered a great representation, saving me substantial money and points on my license! I hired her based on other peoples reviews, and it was a great decision! If you are currently looking for an attorney to represent your traffic matter, you do not need to look any further! I highly recommend that you give her office a call and see what she can do for you!] Jeff – Avvo July 2019

[Amazing lawyer, responds to all calls and emails ASAP, has helped me save money on many violations.] Anonymous – Martindale-Hubbell July 2019

[Experienced and Attentive! . . . I had received a ticket for an illegal left-turn, which would have cost me points + hundreds of dollars. Jeanne was able to well advise me with possible options and was able to fight to get the case dismissed! I was very pleased with her professionalism and honesty and would highly recommend her as your attorney.] Julio Avvo July 2019

[I’m very happy for the result! 5 tickets = 5 dismissed . Jeanne Marie you are the best lawyer I ever work with! Thank you for your service] Itzhak Yelp June 2019

[I was in a traffic violation case with the use of a portable electronic device while driving. I was hesitant to call a lawyer for weeks because I have lawyer phobia. Once I hired her she kept me update on my case. She reviewed the police officer’s deposition and was able to get my case dismissed. Thanks Jeanne.] Ryan Avvo June 2019

[Hugely helpful and extremely professional] Anonymous – Martindale-Hubbell June 2019

[What a great lawyer!…I was given nine tickets for improperly exiting and then reentering the HOV lane. Nine tickets! Effectively, resulting in the loss of my driver’s license. Jeanne Marie got ride of all nine tickets, no points, nothing except for a $150 fine. She is the best of the best! Thanks, Jeanne!] Joe Avvo May 2019

[She gets the job done, after 15 years still our go to traffic ticket problem solved]  Eric Yelp April 2019

[If you got a ticket or violation…Jeanne is the best..highly recommended. She is best on Long Island] Dennis R. Yelp April 2019

[Jeanne was a pleasure to deal with! When you reach out to consult with her, she is very professional and honest. She’ll explain all of the possible outcomes with you, without ever mentioning her fees.  She’s the Best!] Timmy Yelp April 2019

[Professional, efficient and very pleasant to work with- …She took care of the case very effectively and resolved the issue beyond my expectations. Thank you so much!] Anna Avvo March 2019

[I was lucky to find and hire her for my case. She is extremely helpful and professional. I will highly recommend her for my family and friends.
Thank you for doing such a great job.] Saliman Avvo March 2019


Attorney Testimonials

[There is no better (attorney) for traffic violations in downstate New York. JMB understands the court systems, the court personnel and the law. I have used and referred people to her for years and have never been  (disappointed) by the outcome.] Jay Yelp October 2017

“I am an attorney with a teen-aged son who got a bunch of tickets. He did the research, hired Ms. Beckman and got an outstanding result. All tickets were dismissed – which means no points and his parents’ insurance did not go up! Highly recommended.” Joseph Avvo May 2015

“…For more than 10 years I have observed Jeanne get excellent results for her clients in Manhattan Criminal Court involving…trucking…   She is committed to getting the best results for her clients and I would recommend her without reservation.”  Attorney Manny Portela  Facebook April 2014

“Excellent Attorney”  Attorney Vincent Grande III  Facebook October 2013

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