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Driving is not a right but a privilege. The Department of Motor Vehicles has the power to take away or suspend your privilege to drive. If your privilege is suspended and you continue to drive, you can be arrested, charged with a crime and serve a jail sentence.

Newly Licensed Drivers

Newly licensed drivers are on PROBATION for 6 months after the date they pass the road test.  If you are on PROBATION and get a ticket and are convicted of SPEEDING, TAILGATING, RECKLESS DRIVING or  ANY TWO MOVING VIOLATIONS, your license will be SUSPENDED for 60 days!!   And, the six month probationary period starts again.

Point & Conviction Related Suspensions

Your license can be suspended if within any 18 month period of time, you are convicted of
11 or more DMV Points,
3 SPEEDING charges, or
1 SPEEDING (41+ mph over speed limit) charge.

Restricted or Conditional Use Licenses

Any SINGLE MOVING VIOLATION  will result in a license suspension!!

Other Common Suspensions

Failure To Answer A Ticket
Failure To Pay A Fine
Insurance Lapse or Conviction for Uninsured Operation
Failure To Pay Driver Responsibility Assessment
Failure To File An Accident Report
Failure To Pay Child Support
Failure To Pay Judgment In An Automobile Lawsuit.