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Attorney Jeanne Marie Beckmann has successfully defended drivers and companies for 25 years.  As a result, thousands of  tickets, points, charges and fines have been DISMISSED or REDUCED. Her law offices are in Hempstead near the Nassau County Traffic & Parking Violations Agency, Nassau County 1st District Court and Hempstead Village Court.  If you can’t make your court date, she can!    Call for a free ticket consultation 516 485 4888.


Department of Motor Vehicles can:

  • Record the CONVICTION & POINTS on your driving record – a conviction in 2020 will not be deleted until January, 2024!
  • Impose an additional fine called the DRIVER RESPONSIBILITY ASSESSMENT,
  • SUSPEND OR REVOKE your license.

Your Insurance Company may:

  • Increase your INSURANCE COSTS substantially for more than three years and
  • CANCEL your vehicle insurance policy.

In your FREE CONSULTATION, you will be advised of:

  • The number of DMV points you are charged with,
  • Whether you are subject to the Driver Responsibility Assessment (DRA) and suspension of your driving privileges,
  • Results you can reasonably expect based upon the charge(s), your driving record and the court your case is pending in,
  • Whether you are required to appear,
  • A reasonable, fixed legal fee.

Call 516 485 4888 for a free consultation.

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Why risk attending a crowded courthouse?  Why miss a day of childcare, work, or schoolto wait in long lines to get into the courthouse?  Traffic defense lawyer Jeanne


Marie Beckmann can handle it all for you with excellent results – speeding tickets, cell phone and portable electronic device tickets, HOV violations-crossing hazardous markings, unsafe lane change and more.   The office is on-line with the NYS DMV.  The attorney can review your driving and registration records, identify the cause(s) of your suspension(s), assist you with clearing the suspensions and getting your driving privileges back.  Did you plead guilty to a ticket without knowing the consequences?  Were you convicted by default when you failed to appear on your trial date?

Call (516) 485-4888 or fax or email your tickets and contact information to (516) 485-1588 or [email protected]

Fleet Managers and Trucking Companies


New York State law requires corporations to be represented by counsel in criminal court cases.   I have 25 years of experience defending trucking companies, have successfully handled thousands of trucking tickets and vacated default judgments in the Criminal Courts in all boroughs of the City of New York, Nassau and Suffolk County 1st District Courts in Hempstead and Central Islip, and in all village courts.

Call Jeanne Marie Beckmann, Esq. for a free consultation at (516) 485-4888.   You may fax or email your tickets with your contact information.