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Nassau County Traffic & Parking Violations Agency Tickets

Jeanne Marie Beckmann is an experienced traffic defense attorney who has resolved over 10,000 tickets in the Nassau County Parking & Traffic Violations Agency (NCT&PVA) at 16 Cooper Street West, in Hempstead, New York.  She has had thousands of tickets, points and charges dismissed or reduced in this court !  Don’t miss work, school, vacation or travel long distances to appear in court.  Don’t waste hours of your valuable time waiting in long lines.  She can handle it all for you.   She will forecast your case results based on the charge(s), your driving record and history of similar cases. If you have a court date coming up, have missed your court date, are suspended or convicted by default, contact  Jeanne Marie Beckmann, Esq. for a free consultation at 516  485 4888.

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Paying a ticket means that you are pleading guilty.   If you plead guilty to a moving violation, the Court will notify the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).  The DMV will record the conviction and points on your driving record.   Convictions for moving violations will not be deleted from your driving record until January of the 4th year following conviction.   That means, if you are convicted in 2014, the conviction will not be deleted until January, 2018.   Your insurance rate can be increased until the conviction is deleted in January, 2018.


Contact me at 516 485 4888 to discuss your case pending in the Nassau County Traffic & Parking Violations Agency.  The consultation is free.   Attorneys and law firms with cases pending in this court seeking local counsel are welcome to contact me at 516 485 4888.


Increased Insurance Cost or Policy Cancellation

Your driving record (and those of driver’s listed on your policy) is largely what the cost of your car insurance is based upon.  That means the price of your insurance (or your parent’s or spouse’s) can  increase significantly as a result of convictions for moving violations and points. Four years is a long term increase and can add up to a lot of money.   Or, your insurance carrier can cancel the insurance policy altogether.


Driver Responsibility Assessment

If a driver’s point total reaches or exceeds 6 dmv points within an 18 month period of time, he or she is subject to the Driver Responsibility Assessment (DRA).  DRA is an additional fine imposed by DMV.   It costs $300. for the first 6 dmv points and $75. for each point thereafter within any 18 month period of time.   For example, if you are convicted of speeding 86 mph in a 55 mph zone, an 8 dmv point offense, you must pay the court fine, any increased insurance cost and also pay dmv $450. within the prescribed time period or your driving privileges will be suspended.




If you have a standard class D license and your point total reaches or exceeds 11 dmv points, your license can be suspended.   If, within 18 months, you are charged and convicted of a three speeding offenses, two speed in work zone offenses, or uninsured operation your driving privileges will be cancelled indefinitely.


If you have a more sensitive license (commercial, conditional, restricted or probationary) your driving privileges can be suspended or cancelled more easily than described above.


Newly licensed drivers with junior permits, licenses or class D with probationary status are subject to a 60 day license suspension if convicted of a serious moving violation (3 points or more -speeding, following too closely, reckless driving, drag racing, texting, mobile phone use or any other two moving violations within 18 months).

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Call me at 516 485-4888 for a free consultation before paying a ticket.  Paying a ticket is pleading guilty to it.  Pleading guilty to a moving violation can result in the conviction and points on your driving record, increased insurance costs or policy cancellation, imposition of the Driver Responsibility Assessment, suspension or revocation of your driving privileges and a jail sentence.