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THE HOV LANE TRIPLE : VTL 1128.A, 1128.D & 1110.A

Police Officers issue drivers several moving violations tickets for a single driving act relating to an allegedly improper entry into or exit out of the High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lane of the Long Island Expressway.   If the Officer perceives that the driver has entered or exited where it is prohibited, a ticket for a violation of Vehicle & Traffic Law section 1128.D, for having “Crossed Hazardous Markings” is issued.   Because the driver entered or exited the lane where is was prohibited, the Officer frequently issues a second ticket for an “Unsafe Lane Change”, Vehicle & Traffic Law section 1128.A.   Two tickets issue for one single driving act.  In some instances, the Officer will issue an additional charge for Vehicle & Traffic Law section 1110.A for disobeying the sign or pavement markings which prohibit the entry into or exit from the HOV lane.   This is the HOV triplet.   One single driving action resulting in the issuance of three charges totaling 8 dmv points!

I successfully defend drivers who are overly and unfairly charged with multiple moving violations for a single driving act.   I successfully fight to get the extra charges dismissed.   Then, if I can’t otherwise get the ticket dismissed,  I negotiate a fair resolution for the one single driving error the driver may have actually committed.

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