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Distracted Driving Offenses : Mobile Phone & Portable Electronic Device Use

Vehicle & Traffic Law sections 1225c and 1225d prohibit mobile phone and portable electronic device use while driving.   A conviction adds 5 dmv points to your driving record.   The conviction remains on your driving record until January of the 4th year following conviction.  Insurance costs will be significantly increased for drivers convicted of these offenses as distracted driving is a leading cause of motor vehicle accidents.

As a general rule, keep both of your hands on the steering wheel.  Keep your eyes on the road.  If your portable electronic device, a mobile phone, for example, is in your hand while you are driving and you are viewing navigation, texts or using any other application on your phone, you are in violation of the law.  Use is defined as reading, viewing, taking or transmitting images, saving or retrieving email or text messages, etc.     For mobile phone use there is a presumption that you are engaged in a call if the hand held phone is in proximity to your ear.

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