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[Jeanne was very professional.  Signed the representation papers and she took care of the rest including getting best possible outcome of ticket dismissal.  Would highly recommend!] Jay Yelp October 2018

[I had a triple ticket for crossing over into the HOV lane so I put Jeanne (M)arie on the case…She fought my 3 tickets down to one single ticket and reduced the fine for that single ticket. She saved me money in not only the short run, for the ticket and dmv fees , but also saved me money from the insurance rates increasing. Everything you would expect from a great lawyer.] David¬†Avvo¬†October¬†2018

[Miss Beckmann has got me out of more jams (than I) can count. She has totally saved my driving record and thousands upon thousands of dollars in insurance costs. She is as good as a traffic lawyer can get. Hopefully (I) will not need her anymore but when i do get ticketed she is the first person (I) am calling!] Mike Avvo October 2018

[I was traveling out of state to Long Island, NY from Connecticut… Jeanne got 2 of my 3 tickets dropped and 1 reduced to a jay walking ticket paying just a small fine with no points or driving convictions on my record. I highly recommend hiring her…she handles everything for you. Jeanne provided updates accordingly and was very fast to respond to any of my questions. She also did an amazing job of explaining what the process would be like… Thank you Jeanne!] Vincent¬†Yelp September 2018

[Jeanne Marie is Fantastic… My insurance was so out of control and I needed help.¬† ¬†Jeanne took the time to understand how critical this was and performed accordingly. ¬†When I received the letter in the mail…I couldn’t believe it.¬† My (m)oving violation was DISMISSED!! Great Work Jeanne!!] Vinny Yelp September 2018

[Jeanne was great right from the start. Once receiving my information she called me, reviewed the charges against me as well as what I am facing in terms of suspension, etc. From the start she was confident and professional which made me feel comfortable and that I made the right decision… (I) was facing 12+ points and license suspension, (Jeanne) Marie got it down to a few 0 point non moving violations and that was it! I couldn‚Äôt recommend her enough! While I hope I never need her services again, I will NEVER hesitate to use her again. Highly highly recommend her.]¬†¬†Avvo¬†August 2018

[Jeanne was amazing. She called me and explained every single step in the process and possible outcomes and got me the best outcome! No points and no fees! Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for help! She was so quick to respond and so helpful!] Audrey Yelp July 2018

[After speaking with one attorney’s office after another, receiving exorbitant price quotes and tepid responses with regard to success for traffic ticket dismissals I came across Jeanne Marie Beckmann. I spoke with her. She was helpful and hopeful for the case……and got my ticket completely dismissed. I hope to never need her services again, but I know where I’m going if I do.] Ben¬†Google+ June¬†2018

[…she called me back the same day to discuss my ticket…she was very honest and open throughout the consultation (and a great listener). It was easy to tell that she was the right lawyer to handle my case. She charged me a (reasonable) flat fee and went to work…¬†I was pleasantly surprised to find a letter stating that my case was dismissed – no fine, no points, and ahead of schedule. I could not be happier. I strongly, strongly recommend going with Jeanne if you find yourself in need of a traffic lawyer.] Agop¬†Yelp May¬†2018

[Had 6 unlawful tickets and she took care of all of them, highly recommend.] May 2018

[She could erase…total…8 points (3 traffic tickets) for my case. Her responses to my inquiries were always very quick. Highly recommend her!] Avvo April 2018

[I had a very positive experience working with Ms. Jeanne Marie Beckmann and her staff. All communications were rapid by email and telephone. She was very clear in explaining the process to me and was very accommodating considering I reside out of state.] Susan Avvo February 2018

[…I¬†could not be happier with the results . She was fair from the first minute. She explained ,how my case would play out and she had it exactly correct. Not that i want any more run ins with the state police on the meadowbrook BUT If i did she’s be my first and only call.]¬†February 2018

[Great lawyer. Did everything for me and beyond. Will refer her to all my friends and family. Thanks so much for your time and consideration.] February 2018

[(Definitely) the best attorney I have ever dealt with, handled my sons infractions and got all four dismissed at a very reasonable rate, I highly recommend her] Mark Yelp February 2018

[My son had a complicated case that Mrs Beckmann resolved on our first court date even though there was a last minute complication that popped up. Great communication, explained everything in detail, and the end result was much better than we expected. Don’t hesitate to contact this attorney, you will not regret it. Thanks again Mrs Beckmann] February 2018

[Highly recommended! Jeanne Marie Beckmann is the best! If I could give her more than five stars, I would do that. Got my two tickets dismissed with no points no fine. She is approachable and professional. Highly recommended!] Aminul Avvo January 2018

[Fantastic! So professional and thorough. Would definitely recommend for any traffic violations!] Donna Yelp December 2017

[Get the best lawyer for the best price. I would pay more for a good lawyer, to have a lawyer this great and a great price. Her knowledge of the law is extensive. Hands down best Nassau lawyer. Don’t hesitate to retain Jeanne Beckmann] Sean¬†Yelp¬†November 2017

[You made this situation a lot less painful for me-thank you! I truly appreciate your time & assistance.] Becky November 2017

[Jeanne Beckmann handled my son’s 509-6 fake ID case and always answered my questions in a timely manner, whether I called or emailed. When I asked her a question not directly related to the case she asked her fellow lawyers about it and called to explain everything. She went above and beyond for everything we needed and was very patient with all of my questions. The case was just dismissed and I would recommend Jeanne for any traffic violation issue..] Eileen¬†Yelp November 2017

[She is fantastic. Had a speeding ticket she handled it. Definitely would recommend her.] Adrian Yelp November 2017

[Excellent-Excellent-Excellent…Ms. Beckmann successfully got my sons 6 point speeding ticket dismissed. Not only was the result the best possible outcome, the process was even better. Jeanne Marie was an excellent communicator. Very prompt/responsive EVERY step of the way. I truly felt comforted that this would work out for the best. She was very specific in the potential outcomes, and calculated in her approach to reach the most desirable outcome. We were successful as we could have been. I would HIGHLY recommend her services.]¬†Brian¬†Avvo¬†October 2017

[After having been pulled over on the LIE for crossing the HOV lane, I was issued an “HOV” triplet, basically 3 fines for the same infractions which would have amounted to 8 points and probably a $1000 in fine. I was very upset about it until I contacted Jeanne who was confident she could lower that sentence by a large amount. I signed up! Well, she delivered, I got 0 points and a largely diminished fine, not mentioning her fee was very reasonable compared to what I saved. I will recommend her to all my friends] Max¬†Yelp October 2017

[Just wanted to quickly thank you for favorably resolving my traffic case. I really appreciate it.] Mohamed October 2017

[There is no better (attorney) for traffic violations in downstate New York. JMB understands the court systems, the court personnel and the law. I have used and referred people to her for years and have never been  (disappointed) by the outcome.] Jay Yelp October 2017

[I am grateful for everything you did for me. Thank you so much for working so hard for me. You are an amazing attorney and a wonderful person.] John September 2017

[The only traffic attorney you need to know. Put her number in your phone because you never know when you’ll need help.] Shanaz Facebook September 2017

[Ms. Beckmann has handled (two) traffic ticket situations for me and both times she obtained excellent results that resulted in dismissal of most of the tickets and pleas to non-moving violations that did not involve points on my license or increases in my insurance rates. As a lawyer myself, I highly recommend her.] September 2017

[Ms. Beckmann was able to get two tickets totaling 12 points dismissed for my son. I would have been disastrous for my insurance otherwise. She was most professional and responsive. I am so grateful and have already recommended Ms. Beckmann.] August 2017

[Ms. Beckmann did an amazing job representing me. I had gotten traffic tickets that could have cost me in points on my license, time and more money. She communicated clearly with me every step of the way and was able to work my case so that it did not hurt me. I am extremely grateful for her services and she will be the first person I call if ever in this situation again.] Edson Facebook August 2017

[I hired Jeanne Beckmann due to her high rating on yelp and multiple other sites. She was able to get a ticket completely dismissed for me and at a reasonable price for her help] Donna Yelp August 2017

[I know and used Ms. Beckmann for the past 7 years. Each and every time she came through for and all my issues were resolved / dismissed, I would and do highly recommend her with no doubt.] July 2017

[Ms. Beckman handled my matter in a timely and professional manner. She was able to accomplish a fantastic result for my case which exceeded my expectations!] Dominic Avvo July 2017

[(Ms.) Beckmann was a true professional throughout my traffic difficulties. She gave me great advice and my violations were eventually dismissed. Thank you.] Brian Avvo July 2017

[I was facing a two point moving violation. Fortunately, Ms. Beckmann was able to get to get the ticket thrown out. I didn’t have to pay a fine and didn’t get any points on my license. I would definitely recommend her to others!] July 2017

[I was facing a large fine and several points on my driving record from a moving violation. ¬†Ms. Beckmann convinced the prosecutor to lessen the charge to a non-moving violation with a fine to the court that was small compared to what I was facing. ¬†I received no points on my driving record. ¬†Ms. Beckmann was able to accomplish all of this without me even having to appear in court. ¬†Without her help, I would have lost immeasurable funds over the next several years. ¬†She is professional, friendly, and superb at her profession. ¬†I strongly recommend that you acquire Ms. Beckmann’s services.] Libby¬†Yelp May 2017

[Ms. Beckmann is professional,effective and knowledgeable. She has assisted me and was successful in dismissing my violations. I have no reservations in recommending her to friends and family. Thank you Jeanne Marie Beckmann] Tiziana Avvo May 2017

[Mrs. Beckmann is an outstanding attorney. I am extremely satisfied with her professionalism and effectiveness. She got my ticket dismissed in a very short amount of time and I could not be more pleased with her service. I commend her on her hard work and would definitely use her again in the future if needed.]Samantha Avvo May 2017


[I retained Ms. Beckmann for some very old traffic violations. she was very quick to find out what the tickets were for and proceeded to expedite the situation without hesitation and resolved all matters within days.. what more can I say.. the utmost professional.. would not hesitate to recommend her services to anyone]Jack Avvo May 2017

[Excellent Job!!! Jeanne reviewed the facts of my case, challenged what was not appropriate and as a result, the tickets were dismissed by the Judge.] Benjamin Avvo May 2017

[Ms. Beckmann is a competent and affective attorney. She helped me to dismiss a stop sign ticket. And helped me to get the point down to 0 and downsized penalty fee on a HOV related violation. She is excellent and I will recommend her to my family and friends.] Josh Yelp April 2017

[She’s awesome . very knowledgeable. Knows what she’s doing and gets the job done . highly highly recommend her . i spoke to many lawyers and they all were charging me double her price and none offered to have my ticket dismissed and she instantly told me she can highly likely get it dismissed from handling many cases.]¬† April 2017

[I would highly recommend attorney Jeanne Marie Beckmann as she handled a few traffic court tickets for me and my family and got them all either dismissed or reduced. She saved us many points on our licenses. She is close to the courthouse and did not need us to appear in court saving us time and expense. She was very professional, communicated with us well and had very reasonable rates. ] March 2017

[Jeanne is a pleasure to work with. She is professional, effective and reasonable. I will not hesitate to use her services the next time I get myself into trouble. I recommend her to all of my friends who have similar woes and they love…her as well!] Todd¬†Avvo¬†March 2017

[ Best Traffic Attorney Nassau County…I have hired Jeanne Marie Beckmann numerous times over the past ten years for speeding and red light tickets with exceptional results every time. I never once received any points on my license .She is a wonderful person, a Superior Attorney, and really cares about the outcome of your case. I can’t say enough good things about her. If you need a traffic attorney Jeanne Marie Beckmann should be your choice.]¬†Mark¬†Avvo¬†February 2017

[ Ms. Beckmann was extremely helpful and professional in handling my case. This was my first…time fighting two tickets and she was able to get both of them dismissed. She was always willing to speak to me and got back to all my questions promptly and efficiently. I cannot thank her enough for taking on my case and supporting me.]¬†¬†Avvo¬†February 2017

[ Ms. Beckmann was extremely helpful and professional in handling my case.  This was my first ever time fighting two tickets and she was able to get both of them dismissed.  She was always willing to speak to me and got back to all my questions promptly and efficiently.  I cannot thank her enough for taking on my case and supporting me.] Brittany Yelp February 2017

[ Best traffic lawyer on the planet…over the past 2 years she has gotten 12 points reduced to 0 with a small fine.] Don¬†Yelp January 2017

[ When it comes to lawyers Ms. Beckmann is one of the best. I was on the verge of getting my license suspended because I was facing 25 points but because of Ms. Beckmann it was reduced to 2 point only. She is the only reason I am driving right now. She is a lawyer who actually cares about your case and what’s the best possible outcome for you. She is very understanding and reasonable with prices. I told her I was a college student and she did her best to help me out. I would reccomend her to anybody in the Nassau area who is facing traffic problems.] Randy¬†Avvo¬†January 2017

[ My wife and I have used JMB for the past 8 years and have had all violations reduced or even eliminated Рeven my last traffic stop which included over 4 violations, which she got 3 dismissed and the last one reduced for a small fine without points.] Jerry Avvo January 2017

[ Ms. Beckmann is an extremely effective attorney and as smart as they come. Within seconds of speaking with her on the phone I knew I had someone who (would)¬†doggedly fight on my behalf. I came to her with two separate moving violation cases (HOV lane related) with multiple offenses and she got one dismissed and the others dropped down to no points. Her fee is reasonable and she is very detailed and accessible for questions. I wouldn’t want to be a judge or plaintiff facing her, because she is excellent.] Daniel¬†Yelp¬†December 2016¬†

[ As a young driver with a clean record, I received a speeding ticket with a hefty fine and four points on my license. Ms. Beckmann was extremely professional and efficient, and always incredibly courteous and polite. Not only that, she was able to get the points lifted in virtually no time at all. I know that I’ll always recommend her services to anyone I know who’s incurred a traffic violation!] Brian Avvo November 2016

[ Ms. Beckmann represented me in a speeding ticket case. She was successful in having my ticket dismissed. I had no problem communicating with her and found her to be very respectful. I would definitely recommend her to anyone that would need this type of legal assistance.] Laurie Avvo November 2016

[ Ms. Beckmann was extremely resourceful, personable, and professional. A pleasure to work with and would definitely recommend her services. She was quick to attend court and settle my case for me, as she was in touch with me the entire time she was working, Much appreciated!] Avvo November 2016

[ Extremely efficient, we just talk once over the phone, explained to me what I had to send her and that’s it. Tickets were dismissed.]¬†¬†November 2016¬†

[ She is great at what she does and fast too!! Will always come back to her and recommend her to family and friends.] October 2016 

[Ms. Beckmann is truly great at what she does! She helped me out of a huge jam in no time at all!! I will always use her in the future if needed, and will most definitely recommend her to all my friends and family…] Carri¬†Avvo¬†¬†October 2016

[I had 9 points… she was able to reduce them all to zero. If there are inconsistencies with your ticket or if the Officer tacks on multiple tickets for a single offense she will plead them away. I highly recommend her for anyone who wishes to dispute their traffic ticket..] Andrew¬†Yelp¬†¬†October 2016

[I received a speeding ticket in Nassau County. I was going along with traffic but the officer stopped only me, stating that since I changed lanes, I “stood out” for him. Then he kept making comments abut how I can just pay the fine. (I have a clean driving record). I decided to call around for lawyers and was told by 2 other popularly-searched law offices handling traffic tickets that the best they could do for me in Nassau County is probably get less points and a fine. I contacted Jeanne Beckmann and she personally called me back the same day. She was extremely professional and knowledgable, and assured me she would do her best. I’m glad I hired her to handle my case. Her fee was reasonable and… she was able to get me no points and a fine…it doesn’t show (on) my records… Even though I was out of the country for 3 weeks during the process, Jeanne continued to work my case and kept me in the loop (she or her team are very good about responding via email). I would highly recommend Jeanne. THANK YOU JEANNE!!!] Yelp September 2016

[ I recently had a horrible experience of HOV lane violation at I-495 of Long Island. To resolve this problem, I hired Jeanne Marie Beckmann as my lawyer. I found her from internet, in which she was well known and holds best reviews of resolving almost every traffic violations (on) Long Island… She resolved my problem with excellent results. She reduced 6 points to 0 point(s)! I am really satisfied and very happy with this result. She is (an) expert, capable and very knowledgeable. She is an excellent negotiator to resolve the problems. I really recommend her to resolve all kind of traffic violation headaches!] Samuel Avvo September 2016¬†

[From the first phone call to the final outcome she was amazing and I could not have done it without her! I would highly recommend her services… ] September 2016¬†

[ This was my first and hopefully last ticket…My son said he (knew) a great attorney, as usual he was right… put me and my family at ease.] Frank Yelp July 2016¬†

[Top Rate Attorney…Outcome was great… I couldn’t have done it without her legal (advice)… ] July 2016¬†

[ Best of the best! Jeanne was very professional and patient in handling the case. She was very clear in communicating in advance… what to expect during the process. Her service was excellent and responsive. She had all 11 of my traffic tickets dismissed!!! I am very pleased with the results and I highly recommend her services!] Jes Yelp May 2016¬†

[ The best attorney !!!! ] Helen Facebook May 2016 

[ Jeanne Marie Beckman was very informative and knowledgeable… She got me in and out of court so fast (I) was able to go back to work. The case was Dismissed! I would recommend Ms. Beckmann to anyone. She works wonders in the court room. She is a lawyer you can count on!!! ] Jordan Yelp May 2016¬†

[ Absolutely outstanding! Jeanne Marie Beckmann was beyond professional and knowledgeable. She knew exactly what needed to be done before my court date and during court which resulted in having my case dismissed. She kept an open line of communication via phone and email. I was never left in the dark and (was)√ā¬†told everything that was going to happen and everything that might of happened. I would recommend Jeanne Marie Beckmann to anyone the best of the best!!! ] Jordan Avvo May 2016

[I highly recommend Jeanne Beckmann for speeding and cell phone tickets. My teenage son has had more than his share of tickets. Jeanne Beckmann has been able to avoid points and get reduced fines on every ticket. She is very professional. You will be very happy you’ve retained her. ] Geri Avvo May 2016

[ My experience with Jeanne Beckmann was great. I was facing license suspension for 3 violations…I received my judgement which was complete dismissal of all violations.¬† Zero fine, Zero Points…¬† Jeanne’s fee was more than reasonable and worth every penny.¬† If I or anyone I know ever needs a traffic court lawyer I will be recommending Jeanne Beckmann. Thank you Jeanne!] Steve Yelp March 2016

[ She did an excellent job getting my moving violations dismissed. She was very courteous and explained the process well.] March 2016

[ I would definitely recommend Jeanne Marie Beckmann to anyone…dismissed all 3 traffic tickets…total of 8 points] Luis¬†Yelp¬†February¬†2016

[ Jeanne has been nothing short of wonderful. Thank you for all your time and attention given to my cases and for your excellent work. You have gone above and beyond any expectations I had and appreciate all the work you have done for myself, friends, and family. I without a doubt, would recommend Jeanne to represent any individual for their traffic violations!]  Alexandra LinkedIn January 2016

[ I don’t have enough words to describe how amazing the total experience with Mrs. Beckmann was and would highly recommend her! She possesses every quality of a great lawyer money can buy. She worked very hard to get the best possible result for my husband’s case. We needed a lawyer who would listen, care, and defend. She’s incredibly knowledgeable, honest, patient and accommodating! Very prompt in all correspondence and kept us informed every step of the way. Made our family feel very valued, respected and represented at her fullest capability!]¬†¬†Mari¬†January 2016

[ Very satisfied with an outstanding service. My traffic violation ticket has been dismissed]  Monika Avvo December 2015

[Best there is.  Outcome amazing.  Highly recommend.  Facing losing a license with too many points to count and Ms. Beckmann got this taken care of painlessly.  So easy to communicate with..a pleasure.] Yelp December 2015

[Thank you so much for the excellent outcome. Beyond satisfied and I will recommend you to anyone and everyone. Again thank you thank you!] Cheryl Facebook December 2015

[…Ms. Beckmann is excellent attorney. I had numerous tickets ranging from (misdemeanors) to driving a motorcycle without a helmet. She has provided excellent results…the best possible outcome. I would highly recommend her to¬†anyone.] Matthew Avvo¬†November¬†2015

[¬†I¬†am 100% satisfied with¬†the services provided by Jeanne Marie Beckmann.¬†¬†She¬†was¬†very easy to communicate with and took care of the issues I was dealing¬†with.¬†While¬†I¬†hope I won’t have a¬†need for her services again, if ever I¬†do, she’s definitely the first I’ll¬†call. I greatly recommend! Thanks¬†for all!] Steven Facebook¬†November¬†2015

[…Best Attorney Ever!!… I would recommend this attorney to anyone.¬† You have to be crazy not to hire her. I hired her a few years back and¬†she was able to help me. This year I got pulled over and was given 8 tickets…Ms. Beckmann got them all dismissed… She’s an excellent attorney, very nice, well educated and really knows her stuff!!! Hire her…you won’t regret it!!!] David Avvo¬†October¬†2015

[Best of the Best…Throughout the years I have used several traffic attorneys and no one has been as competent as Jeanne…I recommend her highly]Gary Avvo¬†October¬†2015

[Unbelievable Results!!!!¬†I¬†never¬†would have thought¬†that the results of my¬†son’s traffic case would be this good! He received 4 moving violations with a total¬†of¬†12 possible points. Jeanne got one ticket dismissed and three tickets reduced¬†to parking violations with 0 DMV points. Her fee was reasonable considering it¬†saved my son’s driving license from being suspended, avoided increased¬†insurance premiums, and reduced the fines due to the traffic court!]Kerry Avvo¬†October¬†2015

[…She got all my tickets dismissed and I had no points and no¬†fees. She is incredible]¬† Avvo¬† August 2015

[Excellent!!!! I don’t know what we would have done without you! Your professional manner left us no doubt that our issue
would be taken care of with efficiency yielding the best results possible. And, that is exactly how everything worked out. Thank you so much. I am confident to refer you to anyone who might need your services.] Geri Avvo August 2015

[…I hired Jeanne Beckmann…to handle a traffic related case. (She) handled my case with the utmost professionalism and produced a great result. I¬†would highly recommend her for any of your traffic related cases… ] Barney¬† Avvo¬† August¬†2015

[I had a traffic stop with 21 tickets¬†32 points worth of tickets she got it down to 3¬†points and¬†her fee was 5 times cheaper than any other lawyer I called and a year later I¬†got 3 tickets that totaled 9 points she dropped it down to 0 points she saved my license and my job…she is very affordable…she’s an amazing lawyer and I highly recommend her to anyone who needs a lawyer for traffic violations.]Eric¬† Google+¬† August¬†2015

[…(Ms.) Beckmann was my light at the end of the tunnel…She was very communicative with me throughout the process, emailed me on time regarding documentation and updates. She is sincere, affordable, very knowledgeable…Although not every outcome is the same, she was able to eliminate (my) four tickets…I recommend her to all my friends and family!] ¬† Sal Yelp¬† August¬†2015

[Thank you for all your time and patience with our case. We greatly appreciate all your help. We thought it would be time consuming especially (be)cause we no longer live in NY but you made it fast and effortless.] Danae and Isaac   July 2015

[Way better result (than) I thought possible!!! I got a cell phone ticket and an intersection obstruction ticket and she got it dismissed.
No fine and no¬†points! I couldn’t have asked for more. I hope I never get another ticket, but¬†I know¬†who I will call if I do.] ¬†Avvo¬†July¬†2015

[I called Jeanne Marie Beckmann after receiving a speeding ticket and worried that I would be given a three point moving violation
against my license. After speaking with her I knew that she would be the lawyer to trust my case to and sure enough my case was dismissed with no penalties or liabilities. She is a pro and knows the inside and out of traffic law. I strongly recommend her to anyone in need of her services.] Ramona Avvo July 2015

[The BEST attorney I’ve worked with…5+++ stars…I worked with Jeanne Beckmann after I received a traffic violation for “using my mobile device while driving”. Immediately after calling Jeanne I felt relieved and that I was in the right hands. She explained the entire process to me, gave me a timeline so I wasn’t frantically checking the ticket process, and made the process simple. the end results—DISMISSED!
I would highly recommend her to all- family, friends, etc. She thoroughly exceeded my expectations – in terms of results, professionalism, responsiveness, and knowledge. Couldn’t be more thankful.] Lauren¬† July¬†2015

[I cannot think of anyone better than (Ms.) Beckmann. She exceeded my expectations and got me the best possible outcome. Her professionalism, experience, knowledge, and great communication skills made all the difference! She has gained a very happy client for life.] Ryan Facebook  June 2015

[Ms. Beckmann took care of two summonses for me and successfully got both of them dismissed Ms. Beckmann kept me completely informed about my case and provided A++ service, and in edition her rates are extremely reasonable. I highly recommend
her services to anyone in need of a traffic attorney.] April 2015

[From start to finish, Ms. Beckmann was a pleasure to deal with. I had a traffic ticket that I needed her help with
and she did a fantastic job getting it reduced for me! She made things easy…and I highly recommend her!!] ¬†¬† March¬†2015

[…Ms. Beckmann is a knowledgeable lawyer…well liked by court staff (other attorneys and bailiffs, etc.).¬† She is professional, punctual and on top of her cases.¬† If you have the unfortunate need for a lawyer due to traffic issues on Long Island, Jeanne Marie Beckmann is the lawyer you want representing you.]¬† Kristin H.¬† February¬†2015

[Jeanne has been nothing short of wonderful. Thank you for all your time and attention given to my cases and for your excellent work. You have gone above and beyond any expectations I had and appreciate all the work you have done for myself, friends, and family. I without a doubt, would recommend Jeanne to represent any individual for their traffic violations.] Alexandra L. LinkedIn

[Ms. Beckmann took care of two summonses for me and successfully got both of them dismissed Ms. Beckmann kept me completely informed about my case and provided A++ service, and in edition her rates are extremely reasonable. I highly recommend her services to anyone in need of a traffic attorney.] April 2015

[From start to finish, Ms. Beckmann was a pleasure to deal with. I had a traffic ticket that I needed her help with and she did a fantastic job getting it reduced for me! She made things easy…and I highly recommend her!!] ¬†¬† March¬†2015

[…Ms. Beckmann is a knowledgeable lawyer…well liked by court staff (other attorneys and bailiffs, etc.).¬† She is professional, punctual and on top of her cases.¬† If you have the unfortunate need for a lawyer due to traffic issues on Long Island, Jeanne Marie Beckmann is the lawyer you want representing you.]¬† Kristin H.¬† February¬†2015

[Jeanne has been nothing short of wonderful. Thank you for all your time and attention given to my cases and for your excellent work. You have gone above and beyond any expectations I had and appreciate all the work you have done for myself, friends, and family. I without a doubt, would recommend Jeanne to represent any individual for their traffic violations.] Alexandra L. LinkedIn

12/14 “This law firm has got to be the best.¬† I got 5 tickets and my main motive was to avoid points…(She) got a couple of tickets dismissed…(and) was able to avoid points for all tickets…”¬† Avvo

10/14 “…My license was suspended, I got fed up and called Jeanne and within a week I had the results I expected.¬† She was very professional, called me anytime anything happened, and fast results.¬† It was nice to have a lawyer who is truly on your side…”¬† Avvo

9/14 “Jeanne help a relative resolve a number of traffic and parking violations, some going back years. She settled these by obtaining dismissals or reduced fines for our disabled family member who could not possibly resolve them by himself. Please hire Jeanne if you are facing a traffic or parking violations action; you will be pleased with her services.”¬† Michael M. LinkedIn

7/14 “Ms. Beckmann has successfully handled many summonses for me, my company, my family and friends.¬† her fees are reasonable and she has always delivered on her promises.”¬† Yelp

4/14 “If you ever get a traffic ticket in Nassau County, you should give Ms. Beckmann a call.¬† Her rates are reasonable and she makes a point to thoroughly explain what is going on while you are in court.¬†¬† I can’t make a higher recommendation.” Yelp

“When it comes to Transportation Law, Ms. Beckmann is THE BEST. She has superbly represented our company for over 15 years.”¬† Avvo

1/14 “Will definitely recommend her for your speeding tickets”¬† Facebook

8/1/13¬† “Jeanne was awesome!” She saved me from having 6 points on my license to no points at all.¬† Jeanne was very confident in my case and did exactly what she told me she was going to do.¬† She helped me AND my brother fight those terrible speeding tickets.¬† I am very pleased with her service and would definitely use her again if ever needed.” Avvo

7/16/13 “Outstanding professional, knows how to get it done.¬† There is very little that one can say well maybe a word, brilliant.”¬† Avvo

7/13/13 “Excellent attorney.¬† Jeanne Marie handled a few tickets for me very professionally.¬† Everything reduced and with no points on my license.¬†¬† I have a very time demanding job and she handled everything without me having to take time away from my work.¬† I just faxed all the ticket paperwork over to her, explained what happened and she took care of the rest.” Avvo

4/7/13¬†“My husband is a lawyer who had met Ms. Beckmann at the Nassau Traffic Violations Agency…¬† He noticed that she was handling a high volume of tickets, knew the procedures well, and was on a friendly basis with the court staff. ¬†So he got her card “just in case.” ¬†The “just in case” came sooner than we expected. ¬†My son got more tickets and was facing a possible license suspension. ¬†Rather than have my husband (who is a tax lawyer) handle the tickets we decided we needed a specialist.¬† …(W)e hired her to represent my son…¬† She was easy to deal with, her fee was reasonable, and she was able to file a motion and get the ticket dismissed. ¬†If you get a traffic ticket in Nassau County, we highly recommend her.”¬† Yelp

7/15/13¬† “I highly recommend Ms. Beckmann’s services.¬† She was professional, competent and efficient.¬† I felt confident that I was receiving the best counsel and guidance.¬† Knowing Ms. Beckmann was handling my case gave me great peace of mind.¬† Ms. Beckmann acheived a very satisfactory disposition of my case.¬† Avvo

6/27/13¬†” I wish I could have given a 5 of 5 but a 4.95 is the best I can offer.¬† Anything higher would be perfection and honestly the jam she removed me out of, she would deserve it.¬†¬† Very professional and aware of the situation you might be in, everyone deserves and chance and she will work with you on your behalf to achieve just that.”¬† Martindale Hubbell

6/14/13¬† “My son recently received a speeding ticket… It would have meant 4 points on his license and a substantial increase in MY insurance. Jeanne was able to represent him from her office on Long Island on my son’s behalf and successfully pleaded him not guilty to an equipment charge with no points on his license! ¬†Highly recommend!”

5/23/13 “professional, reliable, responsible..effective!” Facebook The following are CLIENT TESTIMONIALS posted on for the law office of Jeanne Marie Beckmann, P.C.

5/14/12 “She is extremely professional,¬† pleasant and thorough.¬† I have no hesitation in recommending her services.”

5/15/12 “I was given her name by a friend for a traffic problem by my 18 yr. old daughter. Points would have gone on her license….My case was dismissed, no points, no violation, no increase in my ins. nor a problem for my daughter’s driving record.”

11/4/11 “It’s a pleasure to know she gives 110 per cent for her clients.¬† 3 tickets and all were dismissed.¬† She is the best traffic lawyer in her area of expertise.”

3/14/11 “She is the best traffic lawyer I’ve ever witnessed.¬†¬† She got 9 points dismissed for me and I am eternally grateful”.

2/25/12 “Jeanne Marie Beckmann is a very professional and her ability to communicate the details of the infraction are impeccable.¬†¬† She is very responsive and her office is courteous.”

2/25/12 “I live out of state and needed local Hempstead representation for a complicated license suspension (decade-old outstanding moving violation with an out of state license involving multiple DMV offices and the dreaded National Driver Registry…)¬† What she saved me in fines and fees more than covered her very reasonable fee.¬†¬† Because of her experience and familiarity with the local traffic courts, she was able to resolve it in a single morning.¬†¬† Highly recommended.