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What can a traffic defense attorney do for you?   

Your license, driving record, employment, and/or auto insurance cost may be at stake!  A traffic defense attorney can go to court for you (and without you, in most cases).  That means, that if you can't make your court date due to work, school, medical condition, travel plans, etc., an attorney can appear for you to fight your case.  An experienced attorney will know exactly how many points you are charged with, the consequences of a conviction and how to best defend you.

What to look for in a traffic defense attorney : 

1. A lawyer with expertise in the field of traffic ticket defense.  Is the attorney's law practice is dedicated to traffic ticket defense?  You wouldn't have your primary care physician perform a knee replacement surgery.  Then don't hire a general practice attorney/firm or real estate attorney to handle your traffic defense case.  

2. The attorney should have a physical office location in proximity to the court your case is pending in.  The local attorney with expertise in traffic ticket defense should practice regularly in the court your case is in.  You can even ask how many cases/tickets has the attorney has personally handled in that court.  Is the office address and area code of the phone number in the same or nearby town or county?  Some websites don't even identify an attorney by name and don't have a physical office address.  Do these firms even handle the cases? 

3. Is the local attorney with expertise in the traffic defense field handling your case?  Or, is the person or firm going to assign your case to an unknown associate or "of counsel" attorney?  You should know exactly who is handling your case and be able to communicate with him or her directly.  

4. Note that it is illegal for an attorney to promise or guarantee a result.  However, an attorney how has handled many cases like yours in the same court should be able to forecast the results of your case.  

5. It is also illegal for an attorney to charge a fee based upon the results of your case.  What is the fee structure?  Is it a flat fee?  Or, do you pay by the minute/hour/court appearance?   You should know exactly how much the legal services will cost.

I personally have a law degree (juris doctor) and about 30 years of courtroom experience in traffic ticket and trucking ticket defense.  I don't handle anything else.  I have handled over 30,000 tickets in my career.  I maintain an office in Hempstead on the border of Garden City.  The primary traffic court of Nassau County, (ie., the Nassau County Traffic and Parking Violations Agency) was in Hempstead for decades and recently moved to 801 Axinn Avenue, Garden City. Nassau County 1st District Court is located at 99 Main Street, Hempstead.  I chose my office location for its proximity to the courts I frequent.0793590001663790186.jpgI review the officer's/trooper's tickets and supporting depositions to determine if there are technicalities that may warrant dismissal.  I have had over 5,000 tickets dismissed associated with 14,678 points on legal technicalities!  Over the years, I have developed great relationships with court staff, prosecutors and judges.  These long term relationships enable me to get the best results for my clients.  Based upon my previous cases in the same courts involving the same or similar charges, I can accurately forecast what the likely result of my client's case will be.  In other words, I can tell you what the likely outcome of your case will be.0768595001663700723.jpgCall 516 485 4888 for a free telephone consultation or email the paperwork related to your case at [email protected]