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Commercial Motor Vehicle Markings


Commercial motor vehicle marking requirements in the City and State of New York are governed by New York City Administrative Code, section 10-127 and  the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Act, section 49 CFR 390.21. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations are incorporated by reference into the New York State Transportation Law.

Commercial motor vehicles operated within the City of New York are required to permanently display the name and address of the vehicle’s owner in lettering at least 3″ in height on both sides of the vehicle. Registration creates a presumption of ownership, as per the New York State Vehicle & Traffic Law.   As such, the registrant’s name and address should be displayed.

Federal and State law require all commercial motor vehicles to display the operating motor carrier‘s legal or trade name followed by the operator’s FMCSA’s identification number preceded by “USDOT”. For vehicles rented for more than 30 days, the renter’s name and complete principal business address  must be displayed.  “Operated by” must precede the legal or trade name of the operating motor carrier.

The Federal and State law do not pre-empt the City’s law since it is possible to comply with both.