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Notice of Impending Plea of Guilty and Default Judgment
Nassau County District Court Traffic & Parking Violations Agency
16 Cooper Street, Hempstead, New York 11550

If you received a Notice of Impending Plea of Guilty and Default Judgment, you may have been convicted (found guilty) for having failed to appear on a scheduled trial date.   Moving violation convictions can result in points on your driving record, increased auto insurance costs and other New York State Department of Motor Vehicle penalties (suspension and/or revocation of your driving privileges and other penalties such as the Driver Responsibility Assessment fine and civil penalty fine).

The remedy/fix for Default Convictions is a motion or request to vacate the convictions.   I have successfully vacated over 300 convictions in Nassau County Traffic Agency without my client’s appearance in court.

If you were convicted of VTL 319.1, for operating without insurance, the court may have imposed a maximum fine of $1,500 + state and county surcharges.  The NYSDMV, upon notice of the conviction, will revoke or cancel your privilege to drive for A MINIMUM of one year (during which you can be arrested and charged with a crime for driving!).  The revocation/cancellation of your driving privileges continues indefinitely until such time as you pay a $750 civil penalty to NYSDMV.

DO NOT JUST PAY THE FINE!   Call me, attorney Jeanne Marie Beckmann, Esq., for a free consultation BEFORE you pay the judgments.  You may send me your Notice via email at [email protected].NET or fax it to 516 485 1588 with your phone number so I can call you after I review it.