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Driving with suspended or revoked driving privileges is classified as a criminal offense.  If convicted of this crime, you can be sentenced to jail and fines.  Courts, like the First District Court of Nassau, 99 Main Street, Hempstead, New York will require that you hire an attorney to represent you.   Don’t miss your court date!   If you fail to appear in court to answer this criminal charge, a warrant for your arrest can be ordered, bail forfeited and an additional license suspension ordered.   Only a judge can vacate this type of suspension order and DMV will require you pay $70. to clear the suspension.

Specifically, if you are charged with

VTL 511.1    Facilitating Aggravated Unlicensed Operation, 3rd degree         Jail : Up to 30 days    Fine : Up to $593.

VLT 511.2    Facilitating Aggravated Unlicensed Operation, 2nd degree        Jail :  Up to 180 days  Fine : Up to $1,093.

Your driving record will reflect why your privileges are suspended.  The driving record will identify the cause of your license suspension or revocation.  Common reasons for license suspension are failing to answer a ticket, failing to pay a fine, assessment or civil penalty, or for an insurance lapse or conviction for uninsured operation.  You can obtain your driving record directly from DMV at .  Most District Attorneys and Prosecutors will require that you clear any suspensions as a condition of any plea agreement involving a reduction of the criminal charge to a traffic infraction.

Caution : consult an attorney BEFORE you pay your tickets.   Paying moving violation tickets to cure a license suspension can potentially cause a suspension.  If you have a conditional, probationary or junior license or if you accumulate too many points, or have too many speeding offenses.