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Driving with a suspended license or driving privileges is a crime.   Don't risk arrest.  Don't have the car you are driving impounded. Clear the suspensions so you get your driving privileges back.   Where do you start?  A driving record.  

Download your driving record from New York State Department of Motor Vehicles.  It will identify the courts that have ordered the suspensions and/or other reasons why you driving privileges are suspended.   Go to   Search for driving record or driving abstract.   Download the record.    Or, if you don't have the information necessary to get the record,  I can get the record for you.  I am online with New York State Department of Motor Vehicles and have access to its  records.

0638969001667418978.jpgThere are two things I need from you.  First, I must have your completed and signed  DMV Consent Form.  Like a medical record, your driving record is confidential.  This form is your permission for me  to obtain this confidential record.   DMV requires that I have it.  The  DMV Consent Form is available online at   Or, I can email this form to you and you can return it to me via email, fax, mail or in person.    Second, I require payment of a $25 fee for the service. For this fee I will email you a copy of the record, review it with you and tell you what you/we need to do to clear the suspensions.   I can send you a link to pay with your credit or debit card in the same email with the DMV Consent Form.   I will deduct this $25 fee from any legal fee incurred for a case I handle for you.

Call traffic defense attorney Jeanne Marie Beckmann 516 485 4888 or email [email protected] to inquire. Note that I do not handle lifetime revocations caused by DWI's.