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Due to the Covid 19 crises, all of the Nassau County Village Courts and the Nassau County Traffic & Parking Violations Agency have been closed to the public since mid Read More


Attorney Jeanne Marie Beckmann has had 12,522 points dismissed because of legal defects that she successfully identified on tickets and supporting depositions. Dismissals after trial or as part of plea Read More


DMV uses a point system to determine whether or not to suspend a motorist’s driving privileges.  If you reach or exceed 11 DMV points within an 18 month period of Read More


Driving is not a right but a privilege. The Department of Motor Vehicles has the power to take away or suspend your privilege to drive. If your privilege is suspended Read More

HOV Lane Violations

THE HOV LANE: MULTIPLE TICKETS FOR ONE DRIVING ERROR?  Drivers accused of a single driving error for an alleged improper entry or exit into or out of the High Occupancy Vehicle Read More

New Drivers

Newly Licensed Drivers If you are new to driving, your license is more sensitive to suspension than a regular class D license.    Don’t just pay your ticket for a moving Read More

Suspended License

VTL 511    AGGRAVATED UNLICENSED OPERATION  (AUO) Driving with suspended or revoked driving privileges is classified as a criminal offense.  If convicted of this crime, you can be sentenced to jail Read More

Commercial Motor Vehicle Markings

VEHICLE MARKINGS : CITY & STATE REQUIREMENTS Commercial motor vehicle marking requirements in the City and State of New York are governed by New York City Administrative Code, section 10-127 and Read More

New York City Commercial Motor Vehicle Tax (MVT)

Administrative Code section 11-809 states that failure to pay the New York City Commercial Motor Vehicle Tax is a misdemeanor crime.Companies that operate non -passenger commercial motor vehicles, registered within Read More

DMV Record

NYS DRIVING RECORD This firm is on-line with the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles. The attorney can, with your written consent,  retrieve, review and obtain the information contained on Read More

Defensive Driving Class

DEFENSIVE DRIVING COURSE (POINT & INSURANCE REDUCTION PROGRAM) I. Savings For most drivers, the purpose of the Point & Insurance Reduction Program, known as the Defensive Driving Course, is to save money Read More

Driver Responsibility Assessment

DRIVER RESPONSIBILITY ASSESSMENT : DRA The New York State Department of Motor Vehicles charges a penalty called the Driver Responsibility Assessment to drivers who have 6 or more points on his Read More

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New York State Department of Motor VehiclesVehicle & Traffic LawSuspension & Revocation of Driving PrivilegesLearner’s Permits & Junior LicensesCell Phone & Texting ViolationsDriving recordPoint & Insurance Reduction Program/Defensive Driving CourseDriver Read More

Viewing 1 - 13 out of 13 posts