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Newly Licensed Drivers

If you are new to driving, your license is more sensitive to suspension than a regular class D license.    Don’t just pay your ticket for a moving violation without checking with me first.  If you have a DJ license, junior permit, junior license or probationary license and pay a speeding, cell phone, or portable electronic device ticket, your driving privileges will be suspended.  There are many other tickets that would cause your license to be suspended too.

Your DJ license, junior permit, junior license or privileges will be suspended for 60 days if you are convicted of  a serious traffic violation like texting, mobile phone or electronic device use, speeding, tailgating or any two moving violations.   If you just received your class D license and are on probation, you too will be suspended for a conviction of a serious traffic violation or any two moving violations.  At the end of your suspension, the six month probationary period will starts again.

Driving with a suspended license is a crime.   If you are caught driving with a suspended license you can be arrested, held in jail and charged with a crime.

If you need advice about a ticket you received, call me at 516 485 4888.   What we talk about is confidential and privileged. Learner’s Permits & Junior Licenses