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Nassau County courts are open for in-person court appearances.  The Covid 19 pandemic has affected how courts operate.  Following shutdown, courts created new ways to conduct business: virtually via applications like Zoom, Skype and Microsoft Teams, pre-trial conferences via telephone and mail.  Courts have resumed in-person court appearances at a limited capacity  (to allow for social distancing).  Be certain to contact the court before you go in person to ensure that you will be permitted to enter.  

The Nassau County Traffic & Parking Violations Agency is open by appointment only and has been since early October, 2020.  But be sure to check the court’s official website to confirm that your court date has not been administratively rescheduled before you go. 

Arraignments in Nassau County 1st District Court are in-person. Check the WEBCRIMS website to ensure that your case is scheduled on the date you intend to appear. Many cases are administratively adjourned by the court.  When you appear, if you don't have an attorney, the court will reschedule your court date for you to hire one.  Or, if you suffer from  financial hardship, prove it and qualify, the court will assign you a legal aid attorney..    

If you wish an attorney to assist you with your court matter, please feel free to contact Jeanne Marie Beckmann at 516 485 4888.